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There are many reasons to visit Warsaw Poland, known to the locals of the city and Poland itself as Warszawa. Without even mentioning the turbulent history and all its evidence throughout the city there is still plenty to see. The architecture alone, both old and new, is reason enough to not only visit but to make it an extended stay too. There is a mixture of both new and old, and the old is definitely something to see. With buildings that represent the many different types of architecture seen in Europe over the years, you will soon see that there is literally a surprise around almost every corner. Finding hotels in Warszawa is easy too, and Warsaw hotels and hostels are nothing if not accommodating. As you tour the city of Warsaw there are so many amazing things about the city that you will notice. The pride of Warsaw’s people that comes from rebuilding an entire city from the ground up can be felt everywhere. And the presence of what was there once before is evident all over the historic districts and throughout much of the city. From the beautiful Lazienki Park and the Royal Palace to the historic Old and New Town areas, there is something that has left a lasting impression on Warsaw’s people, and that will leave a lasting impression on you too. And when you are all done taking in the history and beauty of Warsaw there is much in the way of fun to be had as well. Warsaw is known for having some of the best clubs in Poland, and many can compete with the clubs in other European cities too. Add to that the unusual and exciting festivals held throughout the year and it really doesn’t matter when you come to visit, only that you get here. It doesn’t matter what your style is, you will find something in Warsaw Poland that suits your needs. Before you can get there, though, you have to start searching through Warsaw Hotels so that you can find the absolute perfect Hotels in Warszawa for you.