While some travelers visit a certain destination for its rich history, and others may visit for its unique culture, both of which Warsaw has plenty of, others might go strictly for the range of attractions offered throughout the city. Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is an ideal destination if what you are looking for is attractions that actually attract you. That European element can be seen throughout the city, particularly in the architecture, of which a number of styles can be found. But as much as you will enjoy seeing the city and soaking up all its history and culture, the attractions that you get to enjoy will make your trip to Warsaw more than what you expected.

Warsaw is unique in a number of ways, including in its attractions. This city has survived a turbulent history, and despite having to re-build certain portions of the city after World War II, there is still plenty of old world charm to entice visitors with. In fact, some of the best attractions to see are those that exemplify the tradition of the city to maintain some of its historical elements. So, if you are interested in history and little bit of fun, Warsaw just may be the place where you’ll want to take your next vacation. With attractions suitable for both summer and winter it really does not matter when you come, but it is important to point out that the city is known for its mild weather in the summer months. A rundown of some of the best attractions will help you decide when it’s right for you to go on an exciting adventure in Warsaw, Poland.


There is not just one, or even only two museums that you should check out during your stay in Warsaw, but many great museums that will not only teach you but delight you as well. The museums are ideal for those that are particularly interested in Polish history, whether because you are trying to get back to your proverbial “roots” or you are just a history buff that loves to learn about other cultures. There are two in particular that you should visit if this sounds like you.

  • The National Museum – There are many museums in Warsaw but none so diverse as the National Museum. In addition to temporary exhibitions from all over the world the National Museum also houses three permanent galleries, as well as a museum history collection. If you are a lover of art, and you have already taken the first step to experiencing an art paradise by deciding to visit Europe, then the National Museum in Warsaw is the logical next step. Walk the halls of the galleries that make up the Gallery of Old European Painting, the Staropolski Portrait Gallery and the European, and the Art Gallery of the Nineteenth Century and truly experience the passion of European art. Visiting the National Museum will truly make your trip to Warsaw worthwhile.
  • The Frederic Chopin Museum – Visual art is not Poland’s only claim to fame when it comes to the arts, but music as well. Everybody has heard of the great Chopin, and anyone who knows his music well can understand why Warsaw would have an entire museum dedicated to him and his artistic talents. The state of the art Frederic Chopin Museum has many exhibits today, but started out with only a few items that came from the Chopin Institute. Visitors now can experience Chopin a variety of ways as well as learn about the history behind this still honored musical composer.

Historic Warsaw

Warsaw has so much to offer in the way of history, even after having to rebuild so much of the city. From historic buildings to historic neighborhoods to historic parks, it is all here for visitors to Warsaw to take in. No historic site is better than the next either, so it just makes more sense to see them all, starting with these few.

  • The Palace of Culture and Science – The Palace of Culture and Science is by far one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture ever constructed, and the story behind it is just as interesting. The palace was reportedly built at the orders of Stalin and the building was meant to be a symbol of communist power in Poland. Now it is a testament to the country’s success at overcoming communism. The structure, which is the highest in Poland, was constructed with 40 million bricks and has a total of 3,288 rooms in it. This is not just the attraction you want to see during your stay in Warsaw, but a piece of history and rare example of European architecture as well.
  • Old Town and the Royal Castle – A site that you cannot miss when visiting Warsaw, lest you do yourself a great injustice, is Old Town and everything it has to offer, including the famous Royal Castle. If you truly want to discover the capital city of Warsaw this is where you will do it. The reason for Old Town being such a popular destination for visitors is mostly the story of its turbulent history. Both the town itself and the Royal Castle have been rebuilt since extensive damage resulting from World War II. The reconstruction matches the original exceptionally, which makes it all the more interesting and magnificent to see. This is truly one of the most visited attractions in Warsaw, and there is something going on at every time of year.
  • Lazienki Park – Finally, the one attraction that no visitor to Warsaw goes without seeing, Lazienki Park. The history of Lazienki, or the Royal Baths (named for the elaborate bath house located on the property), dates back as far as the renaissance, and a rich history it has. The magnificent bath house was established by the aristocrat Stanislas Lubomirski, and later taken over by the last king of Poland, Stanislas Poniatowski, who later named it Palace on the Water. The entire Lazienki property consists of the Palace on the Water, Ujazdowski Castle, the Church of St. Alexander, a monument of Chopin, a variety of wildlife, and some of the most beautiful landscaping and gardens in all of Warsaw. A trip to Lazienki is a trip back in time and one that you will not want to leave out, as there is so much to see in one single place that it makes all the more worthwhile.

The capital city of Warsaw has plenty to do and see, but these four major attractions make the top of the list by far. Regardless of what time of year you visit you will find something to do, and at the same time you will learn a lot about an amazing, though little talked about, European city too.