Warsaw Festivals for Anytime of Year

As with almost any place you will ever visit, one of the best things to experience in Warsaw are the various festivals held throughout the year. Festivals are great because they tend to speak more of the culture that is truly the city’s, as well as the country’s, own. After all, we do visit other places mostly because we are interested in the culture of the people and the place, and you are not going to find that culture in the modernized and westernized restaurants and shopping malls. For those with a more regional specific adventurous side there are plenty of festivals to attend within a year’s time.

Some of the festivals are well-known and celebrated more by the locals than the typical visitor to Warsaw, whereas others are put on with both the locals and the international visitors in mind. The joy of it all is that you can attend any of the festivals you want, depending on what kind of experiences you are trying to find. Listed are one for each season, so that no matter which season you decide to visit Warsaw you can plan on having something cultural and fun to enjoy.

Early Spring

If you are visiting Warsaw in the spring you may want to visit in March, as there is a rather unusual festival that you may find interesting. Topienie Marzanny is a Slavic festival that celebrates the end of winter (and who can’t appreciate that?). The main theme of the festival is the drowning of the winter witch Marzanna, said to be as evil as the winters often are. This is a festival unlike any you will find anywhere else and well worth a trip if something unusual is what you are looking for.


By far one of the most celebrated yearly festivals in Warsaw is the Wianki or, as some refer to it, the Noc Swietojanska festival. This festival is so special because it is based on an ancient ritual, in which fair maidens toss wreaths in the Vistula River. The idea behind the festivities is that the herbed wreaths will predict when the maidens will be married. Along with this there is plenty of other happenings going on, including fireworks and concerts of all types and sorts.


The festival that by far brings in the most international visitors is the Warsaw Film Festival, and festival that anyone can truly enjoy. The festival is held in October, and during its time in upwards of 100 films are shown. In addition awards are given out to those with the best and the most popular current films. There are a number of theaters that show films during the festival so be sure to obtain a current schedule.


If you are fortunate enough to visit Warsaw during the holiday season you will find a unique experience and holiday atmosphere. Visit the Warsaw Christmas Fair in order to find all different types of unique gifts at the multiple Christmas markets. Two that you want to be sure to visit include The Palace of Culture and Royal Caste. Do not limit your options, though, as there are so many choices for shopping at this particular fair.

You may not decide when you will travel to Warsaw based on a specific festival but if you end up there at the right time at least you will know what to expect and what to look for. There are numerous festivals throughout the year and you can go to any of them, but first you have to get here.