Poland’s Capital by Night

Warsaw is not only a great place to visit to learn about the rich history of the city, and Poland in general, but also a place to let it all out and have fun too. Sure, for some fun is learning about history, but for many of us there is a much more playful side as well. If you are one of those individuals you cannot go wrong with a night out on the town in Warsaw. It really doesn’t matter what your favorite flavor of nightlife is, whether it be dance clubs, typical bars, or live performance venues. Warsaw has it all and so much more, and although the scene may be different from many places you have been before, it is a scene in which you can find exactly where you will fit in during your stay. The range of cultural elements in the city, and in regards to the nightlife especially, makes Warsaw, Poland perfect for everyone. In order to have the very best time, though, it is important to get an idea ahead of time as to where you want to go. You could wait until you get to Warsaw to pour over travel guides that really won’t give you the information you really want about where to go, or you could get tips about the best nighttime hotspots from an insider that knows. Simply read on to find out more about the most visited nighttime establishments and decide which ones are more your style. That way when you get to Warsaw you will waste no time looking for where to go, and spend more time just going. After all, that is what a trip is supposed to be all about…

Bars – Although Warsaw is known for having some awesome clubs, there are also a number of bars with a more laid-back atmosphere that visitors and residents frequent as well. There are bars that provide music (some live and some not), there are bars that serve food (although for most dinner will already have been eaten and forgotten by the time they hit the town), and there are bars that people go to just to have a pint of brew (I think you know what kind of bar I’m talking about here). A little information about some of the favorites will help you to decide which type of Warsaw bar is right for you.

  • Lemon Café – If you’re looking for something a little laid-back yet still fun and exciting then Lemon Café might be a good choice for you. To be sure, Lemon can get loud at times, but it is a much different feel from a club, or even one of the more rowdy bars in the city. Lemon Café is ideal for spending your entire evening there or for simply stopping off along your way during your Warsaw nightlife tour.
  • Mono Bar – A great place to go for the evening or just to stop in, especially considering it is located in an area where multiple other bars and clubs call home, is the Mono Bar. Located on Mazowiecka, Mono Bar is known for its 70’s and 80’s style music, as well as an occasional concert or jam session as well. The location and the atmosphere make it one of the top bars to visit during your stay in Warsaw, even if you do plan on clubbing it afterwards.
  • Sheesha – If you are looking for something completely different while in Warsaw then you definitely want to check out Sheesha. This is not your typical bar, but instead offers something a little more Arabian style. Staffed with belly dancers and equipped with Hookahs, Sheesha is unlike any bar you will find, or should I say experience, in most places outside of Warsaw.

Clubs – Clubs offer night outers a unique experience, and those is Warsaw definitely fit the bill when it comes to a different kind of night out. It takes a certain kind of personality to get into clubbing, so if you plan to visit some Warsaw clubs be sure you know what you are in for. The city is home to many very hot clubs, but there are three that you will want to visit in particular if what you are looking for is real, true-to-form clubs while in Warsaw.

  • Harlem – If what you are looking for in a club is a hip-hop atmosphere where you can get your rhythm on then you should be sure to hit up Harlem on your night on the town. In addition to hearing a wide variety of new and classic hip-hop, in this club that is fittingly housed in an abandoned industrial store, you can also see some of the best hip-hop dance performances you will see in Warsaw.
  • Opera – Opera is definitely a must visit club, for not only the atmosphere but for the location as well. This trendy club is housed in the National Opera of the Grand Theatre’s cellars. The clubs décor is of a more oriental style, but what makes it really fun is the hidden rooms that can be found amidst the extra-long corridors. This is a club that is ideal for almost anyone.
  • The Eve – Last but not least, at least if you are a late night/all night kind of club goer, you must visit The Eve. Often referred to as Warsaw’s “official after party,” The Eve is where you go when you are down with partying until dawn. Be sure not to let the fact that it is a late night club trick you into thinking that the atmosphere is mellow though, because it definitely is not.

As you can see, there is plenty variety when it comes to the nightlife in Warsaw. This short list does not even touch the long list of clubs worth visiting in the city, but considering you will only have so much time in Warsaw this is a good list to get you started for your night on the town. Once you get out and start feeling the vibe it won’t be long before you know exactly where the good parties are going on.