Dining Fine in Warsaw

Whenever anyone travels anywhere one of the first things that they want to know is where to find the best eats, and visitors to Warsaw, Poland also want to know where to go. There are many challenges when it comes to finding a restaurant that isn’t just good but great, and that’s what travelers want on their vacations, a great restaurant about which they can write home. The biggest challenge is not being able to hear first-hand which restaurants deserve a visit and which ones don’t. Add to that the task of deciding what kind of cuisine to look for and the decision is not an easy one to make for sure.

One thing that I always make sure to do when visiting somewhere, particularly if I am visiting a foreign city that I have never been to before, is try the regional cuisine at the establishments frequented by the local folk. Although you may not want to eat Polish cuisine during your entire stay in Warsaw, it will hardly be an authentic Polish vacation without trying at least some of the local flavors before you go home. Some of the more popular local favorites include such dishes as borscht, pierogies (or a stuffed dumpling of sorts), beetroot soup, and of course anything containing pork.

Just because Warsaw is home to numerous restaurants that serve excellent Polish cuisine, though, doesn’t mean that it is not also home to a wide variety of international cuisine restaurants that serve excellent fair as well. From Italian, to Mediterranean, to Greek and more, there are all kinds of restaurants in Warsaw with great food and great service to enjoy.

To be sure, though, a trip to Poland is not a trip to Poland without trying some of the most prized Polish dishes, so I will provide you with some of the best authentic Polish establishments to visit all around Warsaw. Regardless of which type of food you choose to eat the most of, though, you will never have enough time to enjoy all of the great restaurants that call Warsaw home, but at least you can squeeze in one or two, or three or four…

Popular Establishments Serving Authentic Polish Cuisine

  • Chlopskie Jadlo – If authentic Polish cuisine is what you are looking for then once you have found Chlopskie Jadlo you will have to look no more. If you don’t believe it then ask anyone you see when you walk outside of your hotel or hostel door. This central Warsaw restaurant is known to be a favorite of the locals, offering a wide range of traditional Polish dishes that the country is known for. Enjoy the Golabki, the Tripe Soup, or the Ruskie Pierogi along with the heavy wooden tables and wooden platters for a dining experience traditional in nature.
  • Belvedere – This is considered one of the premiere Polish restaurants in Warsaw, maybe even a showpiece according to some local folklore. Belvedere is not only known for its truffles (particularly the white-chocolate with passion fruit), and its cakes, but it is also well known because it sits in the New Orangery the Royal Lazienki park. This oh-so elegant establishment also offers dishes with a more international flair as well.
  • Amber Room – Although the Amber Room offers Polish dishes with a more modern twist, rather than the more traditional, it is still an ideal place to try Polish cuisine. The setting is fabulous, as the restaurant is housed in the Sobanski Palace, and the food is award winning, literally. Amber Room won best in all three categories at the Wine and Food Noble Night competition, including appetizer, main course, and dessert, in 2010. I think that pretty much says it all.
  • Fukier – Since any visit to Warsaw must include a visit to historic Old Town it only makes sense to stop off at a traditional Polish fare serving restaurant as wonderful as Fukier. Although the prices are a bit higher than some of the other traditional Polish cuisine restaurants, Fukier will be well worth the extra money you spend there. This exceptional restaurant serves some of the top Polish favorites, such as Polish Duck and Veal Chops with Quall Eggs, and they serve it exceptionally well. The high quality of the food and the atmosphere actually make the price for the experience quite fair.
  • Dom Polski – Dom Polski is another Polish restaurant that offers more modern versions of some of the most common traditional Polish dishes. Although I suggest trying wholly traditional Polish cuisine before trying the dishes with a more modern flare, when it comes time this is a great restaurant to add to you must visit list. Dom Polski is known for its various flavors of pudding, but if you visit what you really have to try is a something more exotic like the Wild Boar, Trout, or Venison dishes, or even the Pike. And a trip to Dom Polski is not complete without trying one of their many homemade soups as well.

A Few Restaurants Offering More International Fare

Although you will definitely want to try Polish food while in Warsaw you might find yourself looking for something a little different as well. Fortunately for you there are plenty of international foods to try as well. If you are looking for Greek food Zorba is an excellent choice, or for Mediterranean Giovanni Rubino is a delicious option. A spicy Fusion craving will bring you to the likes of the Sense Café, or for Italian be sure to visit Venezia. Finally, if you are looking for something with a little Indian spice the Mandala is an excellent choice.

There are so many choices in restaurants, in fact close to one hundred or more, in Warsaw that picking just a few to visit during your stay will not be easy. Although you may feel like being dangerous and just picking a place and trying it, you will also want to fit in one or two that Warsaw is known for. This is how you will truly be able to experience Warsaw culture, through one of its most prized possessions, its fabulous cuisine.