Heritage travel – – connect with your past

While there are many reasons to visit Warsaw Poland, one reason is become more popular with tourists – – heritage travel.  Simply put, heritage travel is when someone travels to a place that is an important part of their ancestry or family history to discover more about themselves and their family.  Heritage travel is increasing n popularity as more and more people are tracing their ancestral history.  Travelers are combining vacation trips with visits to countries where their ancestors lived and worked.  Some families are even incorporating heritage travel with their family vacations so that their children can also learn more about their ancestors in addition to seeing and experiencing a different culture.  When planning heritage travel, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Involve the entire family in the planning process.  For example, adults can research the best Warsaw attractions or historical monuments to visit during their trip while younger children can talk to grandparents or extended family members to ask questions about their history. Make sure that you plan a variety of activities that everyone in the family will enjoy – – museums are great but kids will tire easily of these if you do not mix in some other “fun” along the way.
  • Call ahead to historic sites, archives and repositories to make sure they will be open during your stay and to gather as much information before you arrive at your destination.  You may be surprised how helpful employees will be when they find out that you are coming to research your ancestry.
  • Contact the local tourism office and ask if they have a special heritage tourism office or department.  Some tourism boards have gathered information about ancestry and even have developed special itineraries to help visitors who want more information about their ancestry. Guided tours are always a great way to begin a vacation in a new city because guides usually provide a great overall introduction to the city with historical facts and stories.
  • If you have original documents you want to take with you for use on your trip, scan them and leave the originals at home.  A hand-held scanner is a good item to take with you for scanning court documents and records that you may find.

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