Summertime in Warsaw

Warsaw is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year, but the winters tend to be particularly cold and the summers are generally especially mild, making summertime the ideal time to visit for most travelers.  The average high during the summer months rarely exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, unlike some other popular summertime tourist destinations.  Along with the wonderful weather that Warsaw is known for, there are plenty of other reasons to visit this history and culture filled city in the summer.  For instance, Warsaw is home to more than 80 parks, some of them spectacular beyond belief without seeing.  And in many of those parks are gardens that are even more of a sight to see.

There are also more than 1500 historic buildings throughout the city, that are much easier to get to during the summer, which means being able to see more of them during your stay.  But while the relaxation that comes from taking a stroll through beautiful parks and gardens is surely attractive, and while the sense of nostalgia we get from history is definitely something to appreciate, there is a more exciting side to Warsaw in the summertime as well.

There is, in fact, literally always something going on somewhere in Warsaw throughout the summer.  And these are not just any activities but something that anyone and everyone can enjoy.  Live music in Warsaw is a major attraction, for both visitors and those that live there, and during the summer there are so many outdoor concerts that you could spend a whole trip occupying yourself with outdoor live music.  Any kind of music you prefer can be found somewhere in the city, but Warsaw’s claim to fame is definitely the classical genre, thanks to Chopin’s talent and success.  A trip to Warsaw would not be complete without checking out some of the history of Chopin, and some of the tributes to his music too.

In addition there are a number of outdoor cultural festivals to visit throughout the summer as well.  One of the most popular of these festivals is the Warsaw Cross Culture Festival that is held towards the end of the summer.  There is truly something for everyone at this very diverse festival, including documentary screenings, art exhibitions, and music from all over the world.  This is said to be one of the largest festivals of its type, and a perfect reason for visiting Warsaw Poland in the summertime.

There is definitely no reason to be discouraged from visiting Warsaw during the spring, fall, and winter months, and in fact the city is beautiful during all three, particularly the spring when all the gardens are beginning to bloom.  There is definitely a whole lot more to do during the summer, though, and beautiful weather too.  Simply decide what you want out of your Warsaw vacation and it won’t take long to figure out the best time to go for you.

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