The Warsaw University Library – a little known but awesome place to visit

When you are traveling to Warsaw Poland, you may plan to visit historical monuments, century old churches and other Warsaw attractions that are well known as tourist spots.  However, if you are searching for a great place to visit that is off the beaten path but well worth the time and effort, you need to take time to visit the Warsaw University Library.  In addition to being a great source of Warsaw history, the library has a fantastic rooftop garden that delights and inspires everyone that visits the library.

The Warsaw University Library is just a short 10-minute walk from the main campus.  It was built in 1999 and has several shops and cafés on the ground floor that are nice to browse through or stop to have a snack while “people watching.”  The library has a great selection of books relating to Warsaw history if you want to take time to do a little research into the city’s rich history.  However, it is the rooftop garden that brings most people to this Warsaw venue.  The garden is open to the public and is filled with little nooks that are perfect for reading or relaxing for a few minutes.  Plenty of benches located along the brooks, paths and lawns provide places to rest and relax while you enjoy the great views and beautiful foliage.

As you wander along the paths, make sure to look for special surprises that were incorporated into the landscape of the rooftop such as a reinterpretation of Einstein’s theory of relativity.  You will also enjoy great views of the city from the rooftop – – make sure to take your camera to get some amazing shots from the rooftop garden.  Before you leave, walk across the footbridge that spans the glass library roof.  With the sky reflected under your feet, it will appear as if you are walking in the clouds with nothing beneath your feet but beautiful blue skies.

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