Things to do in Warsaw New Town

New Town was developed during the 14th century and was incorporated into Warsaw in 1791.  Although it was heavily damaged during World War II, it has been restored to its original splendor.  Most of the area is closed to traffic and is perfect for tourists that enjoy wandering the old streets to see historical landmarks and buildings.  When visiting Warsaw’s New Town, make sure that you visit these popular tourist attractions.

The Citadel Museum on Skazancow Street is a fortress built by the Russians during the nineteenth century.  The Citadel housed Polish political prisoners during World War II and now traces Polish history as far back as the eighteenth century.  It is a great place to learn about Polish history through several fascinating exhibits.

The Traugutta Park, constructed in 1925, is named after a famous leader from the 1863 uprising of Warsaw and is located near the Citadel.  It was a delightful place to take a relaxing walk, unwind and enjoy an afternoon.  Do not miss the secessionist statue representing motherhood that dates back to 1902 by Waclaw Szymanowski, a famous Polish sculptor.

Warsaw Uprising Memorial – This memorial is located near Dluga Street on Plac Krasinskich.  Warsaw was almost completely destroyed during this uprising at the end of World War II.  Soldiers defending the barricade are depicted by the monument.  In 1994, Roman Hertzog, the president of Germany, visited the monument and apologized to the nation for what had transpired during World War II.  It stands as a testament to the determination and strength of the people of Warsaw.

Several churches dating back to the fourteenth century can be found in Warsaw.  The magnificent structures are beautiful to behold and a popular tourist attraction in New Town.  One of the most famous churches, Casmir, was built around 1688 by King Jan III Sobieski.  The tombstone of Princess Marie Caroline de Bouillon, granddaughter of the king, is located at Casmir.  Other churches include Church of St. Francis, St. Jacek’s Church and the Church of the Holy Spirit.

New Town also houses two famous palaces that attract many visitors.  Sapieha Palace is beautiful with its Rococo façade.  It was built for Sapieha, a high figure in Lithuania, in the early 18th century when Poland had close ties with Lithuania.  Raczynski Palace, built in the neoclassical style, is by far the most famous palace in New Town.  It was the site of a German tank exploding during the Warsaw Uprising that killed dozens of resistance fighters as well as the site where the SS soldiers killed hundreds of wounded people in September 1944.

When you are planning a trip to Warsaw, do not forget to include New Town in your itinerary and do not forget to take your camera – you will want to capture the beautiful buildings and sites as you stroll through the beautiful streets.

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