What to Do on a Spring Break Vacation in Warsaw

Although there are no beaches in the city of Warsaw, this does not mean that it isn’t a great place to spend spring break.  To be sure, many spring breakers do seek out beach destinations during their time off, but that is exactly the reason not to go that route.  Most of those places are so overcrowded and there is so much chaos that spending time in those places can hardly be called relaxing, and that is exactly what some of us would rather have. 

Warsaw is no doubt a bustling city, but since it is not necessarily a spring break tourist destination you will see more locals there than vacationers, which for some is much more desirable.  A spring break vacation does not have to be all about partying, but rather can be a learning experience as well.  And Poland’s capital city of Warsaw has a lot of opportunity for both, but there are a few options you will have when you are visiting on spring break that tend to stand out above all the rest.

  • Tour Old Town – Old Town is obviously the oldest part of Warsaw, and it has a very turbulent history.  The area was completely destroyed by the Nazis and has since been reconstructed.  It is also on the list of World Heritage Sites.  In addition to the great history that can be explored here there is plenty more as well, such as shops and restaurants where you can sit and take in the view of the historic town.
  • Visit Space Club – For the adventurous travelers visiting Warsaw during spring break a trip to Space Club may be in order.  The club is a leader in nightlife entertaining and it will surely be a unique club experience for anyone who goes.  There are other clubs in the area but this one should definitely be at the top of your list.
  • Spend a Day in Lazienki Park – Your time in Warsaw will no doubt require some peace and quiet and relaxation, and the place to get that is at Lazienki Park.  The park has so much beautiful scenery that you can no doubt spend an entire day enjoying it.  Add a picnic basket to the mix and you have no reason to leave the park for the day.

Warsaw may not have beaches to enjoy during your spring break vacation, but there is plenty more to enjoy for sure.

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