What to look for in a travel companion

Planning a vacation to a foreign country can be exciting; however, if you are faced with choosing a travel companion that you do not know very well, it can also be a source of frustration and anxiety.  Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to see new things and experience things that you do not in your day-to-day world.  However, to make the experience truly enjoyable you should choose a traveling companion that will enhance the trip rather than add stress to it.  Below are some suggestions and considerations to keep in mind when you are choosing a traveling companion.

Remember that you may be stuck with this person for hours on a crowded bus, delayed flight or hotel room on a rainy day; therefore, choose your traveling companion wisely.  Obsessive or neurotic people do not make good traveling companions.  Neither do people that are overly talkative – – those who must fill every moment with some type of chatter or those who cannot sit still and enjoy quiet moments.  Choose someone you have a common interest with in order to make the trip more enjoyable.  If you love touring historical monument but your traveling companion would rather be hiking up the side of a mountain, you are probably not going to enjoy much of your vacation.  Having common interests ensures that both of you will get to do experience the things that you wish to do the most on your vacation.

In order to make sure that you are both on the same page regarding expenses, agree on a travel budget before leaving.  If you do not know your traveling companion as well as you might like, you probably do not know his or her finances either.  Discuss what activities you plan to do while on vacation and how much you are willing to spend on those activities.  Agree beforehand what price range you are comfortable with for hotels and restaurants as well to avoid problems during the trip.

Finally, age does matter in this instance.  Traveling with someone that is much younger or much older than you can sometimes be fun but unless you know the person very well or you are related to him or her, it can also be a disaster.  Think about your experiences and expectations for the trip and weight those against the age difference to determine if this may be a problem for either of you during the trip.

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