Find more about Weather in Warsaw, PL
Warsaw experiences all four seasons of the year. The city is located in a place that experiences mostly cold and wet weather most of the time, so for most of the year the city has a moist feel. Despite the fact that it is cold most of the time, the city has very hot summers that are suitable for going out and having a fantastic time swimming or doing other outdoors activities. The summers are also mixed with some amounts of rainfall, due to the sun which causes the water to evaporate and then condense and fall as heavy rainfall. The winters in Warsaw are some of the coldest. The winters are most of the time extremely cold and heavy snow is to be expected. Rainfall is heavy in some months and a bit light in some. Most of the rain experienced in this city is usually around the month of July. The city also experiences a lot of winds. These contribute to the cold. These winds are responsible for most of the shifts in the weather. The city has heavy snow in January. In summer the temperature is usually between 15 to 19 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature falls drastically, sometimes up to below 0 degrees Celsius. In the autumn, the city is sunny and the rain does not fall heavily. Most people prefer to stay in the city during the autumn when the weather is not severely cold. Due to the air currents, the snow in winter is accompanied by sessions of deep fog. This weather affects a lot of activities, especially those that have to be done outdoors. The fog also affects drivers and airlines, sometimes forcing them to shut down because the thick fog can cause accidents. Despite having rains in July, most tourists visit Warsaw in the summer, especially between the months of July and August. The city overflows with people, from out of the country and others from other parts of the country. The people in Warsaw take advantage of this and set up temporary businesses that boom during the sunny periods. The summer is a great time to visit the beautiful gardens and the numerous parks. In the months that the country experiences winter, which are between December and March, people prefer to go ice-skating that is a very popular sport in Poland. The weather in Warsaw varies a lot, so the people in the city adjust their activities to suit the weather patterns.